Free SIP Monitoring, Diagnostic and Recording Tool - Feedback Wanted

Hi all,

Aman here from Devfoundry Software. We recently made the free edition of our VoIP Aware software available for download and I was hoping to get some feedback from the group.

It is available now for Windows and Linux and can found on our website @

To give you some background, Devfoundry is a software company based in Toronto. VoIP Aware is our proactive SIP call monitoring and diagnostics solution for voice and fax over IP.

VoIP Aware operates continuously to monitor all call traffic directly from the Ethernet. Each call produces a CDR, a QoS analysis, and a PCAP file containing all of the call's SIP, RTP and T.38 packets.

Capturing all calls the first time around saves the trouble of having to sit there with Wireshark, hoping to capture a bad call after someone reports a problem. In this case, you already have a capture of the bad call and can begin analysis right away.

VoIP Aware also contains alerting features that can notify users of declines in audio and fax quality; and is also able to extract fax pages and audio to .tif and .wav formats from the captured packets of completed calls.

The free edition will monitor all calls but will only produce QoS, PCAPs and extracted media for one call at a time. Alerting has also been disabled.

NOTE TO INTEGRATORS: VoIP Aware is accessed via a web interface making it ideal to install as a leave-behind tool at your customer sites. This will help proactively collect diagnostic data and can save you the time of having to travel back to the customer site.

As I mentioned before, we are very interested to have your feedback, and welcome any discussion on our forums (

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to be in touch.



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