Future Meeting ideas

Ideas to present on for future meetings based on desires from atendees and some of my own thoughts:

Basic installation with an FXO line, a soft phone, IP phone and ATA. This could be a fairly in-depth topic and may need to be split into two.
· Probably start out with TrixBox as that seems to be what people are installing.
· Add an FXO Card
· Configure a soft phone
· Make an inbound and outbound call.
· Add an IP phone
· Add an ATA
· Spend a little time discussing NAT issues with RTP.
· Configure Asterisk to live behind NAT
· Get one or more ATA’s working through NAT
· Spend a little time discussing security issues with allowing connections from the public internet.

Discussion of call-forwarding your local PSTN line to a VOIP number.
· Eliminate Echo by reducing the number of 2-4 wire conversions
· Multiple inbound and outbound calls
· Call Forwarding vs. Qwest Followme

Echo Canceling
· Built in Echo Canceling
· High Performance Echo Canceling
· Third Party Software based Echo Canceling
· Hardware based Echo Canceling

Security (Voip-Hacks book)
· Review top 10 security issues
· Try to hack someone’s asterisk system using this book.

Bluetooth Channel Driver
· Compiling
· Installing
· Making inbound and outbound calls

Monthly Dialplan command
· Someone presents for 5 minutes (or more) .
· Different command each month

Speech Recognition
· We’ve done several on text to speech, this is the natural next step.
Database Access
· Using MySQL in the dialplan to get data.

Channel Bank Hardware
· Connecting to the PSTIn with a T1 board and a channel bank
· Using channel banks for analog phones
· New and used prices and markets.

How do you spell Asterisk and VoIP?
How do you say each of them?


Voip is the future of telephony and communication i guess and a lot of money will be made with business voip service

That looks like a great list

That looks like a great list of ideas to work off of!

Something that interests myself is extending Asterisk with web technology. How can we extend Asterisk with for example PHP web based applications. And how to create AGI applications.

Not sure if this is something we could organize but what about creating work flow for the meetings. Our next meeting could be another "intro to Asterisk/Trixbox/AsteriskNOW" to get started, then after that we move into securing asterisk, the following month could be creating logical dial plans, then extending Asterisk with AGI or web applications, and so on. If we had a work flow members could start from the beginning, get a box up and running, and then follow along each month knowing that they will be learning off of the foundation built in the earlier months.


List of ideas for future meetings

I just stumbled on this list today as I was updating the main page with the March 2009 meeting info. These are all great ideas that I'll try and turn into meetings. I really like the security suggestion. The Feb 2009 meeting talked about fail2ban and I'd like to see a monthly update on security best practices for asterisk.

The Friday the 13th voip-users-conference call was about a cool asterisk app that used parking info from:


and the crazy reaction that DDA had with this app. Here's a link for more info:


How about this for a group project: Find some local non profit / charity that has some info on their web site and figure out a way to add asterisk to the mix to enhance their service. I think that this would be a great service to our communities and improve their service. What do you think? Good idea or fraught with danger?

I'll pony up the first $20 for ITSP charges to get the ball rolling. Add a reply with info if you have an idea or non profit / charity in mind.

I have a project

My local ambulance service EVAS (Eyota Volunteer Ambulance Service) is looking into building a new facility. This can only happen if we can get a grant for over half the cost of the building. If we get the grant I have some lofty ideas on what I want to do as far as automation but I have very little experience with what I want to do. I will lay it all out here but I of course would not expect this group to do this. I would only need help getting the Asterisk integration working.

1. Set up a VIOP phone system in the new facility. Pretty basic but there may be some customization of Asterisk to do some other things. One of my Linux mavins I am dealing with does not believe me when I say not to put Asterisk in a VM. Is this true or if you have the right hardward can Asterisk run in a VM?
2. I would like some access control built into our building as well. There will be an ambulance crew side only area and a community use area. I would like to put a keypad on that door and be able to turn on and off codes to the door at specific times using a web interface. That way we don't have to go to the building to let them in.
3. I would like to set up asterisk to send out an SMS message or a voice message in an emergency to mobilize more EMTs if there is need. Most people will have the phone with them at all times but not a pager so this would help with that.
4. As an emergency facility we need to use POTS for one of our lines connected to an old style phone and to asterisk in case there is a power outage. In this day and age of technology the old phones still work when that happens and we need that. We can get one of the low cost pay as you go VOIP services for other lines.
5. I am open to suggestions from all you Asterisk experts. I know there is allot we can do make a real fancy system.

Thinks to consider.

1. Eyota is in SE MN near Rochester. I realize this my put a monkey wrench in the works as far as getting this going.
2. If the building grant money does not come through we will not be doing that but I still want to set up Asterisk for emergency notification.
3. We are a non-profit low budget operation that cannot pay a monthly fee for services even if they are good services to have.
4. I am sure there are more but I can't think of them right now.

If you have any thoughts please put them here or email me at vriezebt@gmail.com

PS. Was there a meeting March 14? I did not come up as I did not see a topic listed and did not want to chance the drive if there wasn't one.

Workflow Idea

Blake, that's a great idea. Basically, build a system that can be improved over time, rather than starting over every time. Certainly, we'll want to do new-user-installs, but we can do that on another machine.

What we need to do is get somebody to host it and keep it online.

Can you give us some more ideas about the web integration you'd like to do? I have one example I can show where you go to a website and you can see where my truck is on a map. I can dial into a number and make it public or hidden. Is that the type of application you are thinking of?

Web Apps

I'm interested in anything that people are doing to extend Asterisk beyond just a PBX. As I start looking for a house to get into instead of an apartment I keep thinking well I could tie my home automation into my phone to do this, or I could have an extension that I dial and use dictate to create a grocery list, etc.

Unfortunately I won't be at this months meeting, going to be sitting on a beach in Cancun!