This Saturday

Apparently nobody is maintaining this site anymore, but there is a meeting today, from what I've heard.

Hello Asterisk Users and those with an Interest in VoIP Technology,

The agenda for our March meeting is: VOIP Basics at the Twin Cities Maker location. I'll bring a simple computer with Asterisk running with a few extensions. I'll probably cover a little of the history of Asterisk and have a few other things for "show and tell". I'll bring a few copies of the latest CD for PBX in a Flash for people that want to try it on their own equipment.

You can see our calendar entry on March 13th.

The address of the Hack Factory is:

3119 E 26th St. Minneapolis, MN 55406

There's parking mainly on the street. We'll have our usual start time of 11:30am.

Hope to see you there!


Nobody maintaining the site?

Hey Shane,

Although this isn't a wiki site, the intent was for the community to maintain the site.
Thanks for checking in and adding content.