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04/07/2007 - 21:44

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TCAUG - Twin Cities Asterisk Users Group Meeting Mar 2010

03/13/2010 - 11:30
03/13/2010 - 13:30

Hello Asterisk Users and those with an Interest in VoIP Technology,

The agenda for our March meeting is: VOIP Basics at the Twin Cities Maker location. I'll bring a simple computer with Asterisk running with a few extensions. I'll probably cover a little of the history of Asterisk and have a few other things for "show and tell". I'll bring a few copies of the latest CD for PBX in a Flash for people that want to try it on their own equipment.

You can see our calendar entry on March 13th.

The address of the Hack Factory is:

Security Advisory from Olle and Digium

02/17/2010 - 18:11


Last week, Hans Petter Selansky alerted us of a potential security issue in all releases of Asterisk. In fact, it doesn't involve the code, but the most common way to construct dialplans. If you have something like this in your Asterisk, you need to update your dialplans:

exten => _X., 1, dial(SIP/${EXTEN})

Many VoIP protocols support a large character set, that may cause harm in your dialplan

I've written an article about this on my blog, where my summary says:

First Blog Entry -(EVER!)

06/14/2009 - 00:38

So I'm not really into the blogging but saw the feature on the site and thought I'd try it out. I've been fighting spam on the web site over the past week when Jason broght the problem to my attention. Wow, what a pain. This really should be a criminal act. Hours have been wasted trying to keep this site usable. Well, I'm running low on battery as I've been operating unplugged now for 3 hours. Gotta cut this short.

I've added capcha math to the registration page. Let's hope this is enough for now.

Asterisk Meeting - Sat June 13 from 11:30-1:30

06/13/2009 - 11:30
06/13/2009 - 13:30

The June meeting of the TAUG will be at Access Healthcare again. There will be a presentation on Tricks with FreePBX and provisioning Aastra phones. I'll have my Aastra 57i CT phone there with the wireless remote to play with. Hope to see you there!

I've been asked to include some more information on location and traffic issues so here they are:

The address is 2356 University Ave West. Saint Paul Minnesota, 55114. We will meet in suite 401.

Asterisk Meeting - May 9th 11:30am to 1:30pm -CANCELED-

05/09/2009 - 11:30
05/09/2009 - 13:30

Ugh... First the bad news. I talked with Eric and he'll be out of town this weekend so there won't be a meeting this month. That's two in a row and I'm not liking it one bit. I need my asterisk fix.

The April meeting is Canceled

04/11/2009 - 11:30

Sorry for the late notice on this Saturday's meeting but it will be canceled. I apologize for this, my daughter is turning 6 that day and I can't host the meeting. I do have some things for the next meeting though. I'll be getting a new Aastra 57iCT

I hope to have played with it a little and I can give a dog and pony about it.

I've also been playing with the asterisk distro from fonica.

I had quite a few problems getting a good copy of the CD image.

March TCAUG Meeting 3-14-2009

03/14/2009 - 11:30
03/14/2009 - 13:30

Well, I'm posting this after the meeting has actually taken place... Yes, there was a meeting and here's what happened, mostly: Jay started the meeting with the usual introduction and his rant on ISDN Bri.

We went around the room with introductions and then we talked a little bit about asterisk and what we should do for future meetings, Eric went over to the white board and drew a nice picture of linux, asterisk and the components involved.

Next TwinCities Asterisk Users Group Meeting, this Saturday. Valentine's Day Feb/14/2009 11:30am

02/14/2009 - 11:30
02/14/2009 - 13:15

The agenda is open for our next meeting. I think we'll plan on an open discussion of anyones choosing. If we're lacking a
topic, we'll give a demo of installing fail2ban for your asterisk system.

Bring your questions, ideas and projects and we will help you work through them.

Jimmy John's is just a block away or we can order pizza. The meeting will begin at 11:30am on Saturday.

There is a large parking lot in the rear of the building. Please note, the doors at the front of the property are not

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